Cash for Gold

We buy gold! Yes, we know, so does everyone else. There are a few reasons you should give us a try.

  1. We pay absolute top dollar for scrap that is fit for refining only. Broken earrings, old kinked-up herringbone, worn out wedding rings and such.

  2. Unlike most buyers of scrap, We give extra credit for usable diamonds, clasps, and ring shanks. Most places just pay scrap price and that is it.

  3. 90% of the time, unless you really have A LOT of scrap, We pay cash. No checks to cash.

  4. It's quick, safe, and simple, all you need is a drivers license and a phone number. We weigh it, and make you an offer right on spot. No hard sell, you can take it or simply walk away and we'll still be friends. (We try to make sure we pay more than anyone in the area.) AND with our world class security system you can feel safe in our store.

  5. No need to try and time the market. The market fluctuates some every day, but We always pay based on the highest point of the week. We TAKE all the risk on a severe market dip.
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